About Prince Inn

Prince 241 History

This house was built by Mr. James Paton in the year 1887. The house was designed by C.B. Chappell and was constructed by Samuel and Henry Lowe.

James Paton emigrated from Paisley, Scotland to Charlottetown while in his late teens. He went to work for the firm of W.A. weeks and son, local dry goods merchants. He eventually established his own department store, on Richmond Street in Charlottetown. It is interesting to note that during his years in business, he made 122 crossing of the Atlantic ocean to buy goods for his store. Many of these crossings entailed leaving the island via ice boat. he later became mayor of Charlottetown and was also elected a member of the Legislative assembly.

As Irene Rogers noted in her recent book, “the house is rich in detail and material, some of which Mr. Paton imported directly from Scotland. The chimney stack on the front facade is, without doubt, the most decorated on in town. Beside protruding rows of brickwork, it has a pediment, a row of columns, cut stone quoins, a window and best of all, the date 1887. The flues go up on either side of the narrow window and join at the top. Even the basement on this house is part of the design, repeating as it does stone at the apex of the gable, around windows, and around the door. Bricks set on edge are another decorative feature at the plate line and again on a belt course between first and second storeys. The house is so rich in detail one almost misses the attractive ironwork on proof of the rounded bay. A slate proof completes the Building.”

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